#3- Outline- Over the Top- DJ's replacing rock stars

Overview: This segment will look at how there has been a rise in popularity in the Dj and House music scene. With the help of shows such as the Jersey Shore bringing it to a more mainstream audience.

Focus: The rise in house music and Dj’s becoming this generations “rock stars”

DJ and House Music information:

- House music originated in the mid 1980’s in Chicago
- House is strongly influenced by of soul and funk infused varieties of hip-hop

- In the 1960’s and 70’s nightclubs continued to grow in Europe and the US

- Rudy Bozac and Francis Grassor were some of the first mixers

- In 1968 the number of dance clubs started to decline

- In the 1990’s the rave scene built on the acid house scene

- The rave scene changed dance music, the image of djs and the nature of promoting

- The innovative marketing surrounding the rave scene created the first superstar DJs who established marketable "brands" around their names and sound

- This decade djs have become more main stream to the extreme of hearing their songs on the top 40 radio

People to interview:
- 2 Dj’s from Toronto
- 1 Dj from Guelph
- Host of Z103.5

Sound -Up : People in the audience going crazy with their arms in the air while dancing

V/O: Introduction and background history of how this genre of music has become extremely popular over the past couple of years

B-roll: Of people buying house music on Itunes, HMV and downloading the songs showing the increase in popularity and demand for it

V/O: Introducing the DJ’s and their experiences from within the Dj and house music scene

Clip: DJ’s explaining their past and the growth in popularity of house music

Clip: Fans explaining why they love the music so much and what sets it apart from other genres.

B-roll: One of the DJ’s in their booth spinning

Clip: One of the Dj’s explaining how shows such as the Jersey shore have brought the style of music to a more mainstream crowd

B-roll: Clips of shows such as the Jersey Shore talking about house musici

Standup: Wrapping the story up

B-roll: People dancing in the clubs

Potential Questions:
- When did you start to notice the rise in popularity of house music?
- How do you feel shows such as the Jersey shore has helped bring this style of music to a more mainstream audience?
- What do you think draws people to this style of music?
- How do you feel about hearing house music on the radio?
- Do you agree Dj’s are becoming the rock stars of our generation?

Shoot dates:
-Tuesday 8th Rafwat &Andrew Toronto Dj’s 7pm
-Thursday 10th Tim Guelph Dj
-Friday 11th potential shoot day in Toronto to film club scene
- Unknown date for Z103.5 interview