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Tape Date: May 7 2011 - ***pre-tape her interview at 2pm

Segment Name: SYTYCD Canada – Alisha Lucchese

A look at the drive and ambition needed to audition for Canada’s most popular live competition show, “So You Think You Can Dance Canada” through the eyes of one hopeful Woodbridge contestant, Alisha Lucchese.

Guest: Alisha Lucchese

Position/Title: “So You Think You Can Dance Canada” Contestant

Production Notes
Tape Elements: BIO PACKAGE
In Cue: “18 year old Alisha Lucchese…
Out Cue: … Think You Can Dance Canada”
Item Runs:

Graphics: N/A

Props on Set: Possible: Medals, Costumes

Producer/Coordinator Notes
Arrival Time: 2:00pm

Make-up Time: N/A

Transportation Issues: Driving herself to Sheridan College

Suggested Host Intro: If last year is any indication, a few million Canadians will be tuning in to watch the 4th season of ‘So You Think You Can Dance Canada’. When this show is on TV, the ratings skyrocket.
Well here on the Vibe we’ve got a first hand glimpse into the show, with a local dancer who’s auditioning for ‘So You Think You Can Dance Canada’ in the hopes of making it big in the dance world. Here’s her bio.

V/O – BIO *Sound-up competition video when young.
18 year old Alisha Lucchese has always loved to dance. She starting dancing when she was seven, although her parents may say otherwise.
*Sound-up dance class, teachers instructions.
This is Alisha at her dance class at the Joanne Chapman School of Dance in Brampton.
*Sound-up teaching dance.
Her passion not only keeps her on the dance floor, it has her helping others. She teaches young girls and boys at the Joanne Chapman School of Dance in Bolton. She says the hardest thing about teaching is “taking everything you know so well and teaching it to younger kids”.
*B-roll competition video.
Even though Alisha has been dancing for over 10 years, she still says the hardest part of dancing is “to overcome styles that are not your forte”. Alisha knows many types of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, and acrobatics… But her favourite types of dances are hip hop and contemporary.
*Screen Recording photos of auditions in Toronto.
A contemporary dance is what Alisha auditioned with when she went to try out for this season’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance Canada’.

Throw – … and here with us now is Alisha Lucchese.

Suggested Host Extro: Thank you so much for being with us and good luck in the future.

Key Points:
- has been dancing since she was a 7 years old
- competitions: regional and national competitions
- awards: at nationals – usually runner up… at regional – usually 1st place
- movies she has appeared in as a background dancer: “Honey”, Blake McGrath’s music videos (“The Night” and “Stagefright”)
- where she has performed: Toronto, Las Vegas, New York, etc. (with a company? Or in competition? Or in a play?
- dance styles: contemporary, hip hop, ballet, jazz, tap, acrobatics
- applied for the Kinesiology and Psychology programs at Ryerson and York University ( is she in the program?)
- still wants a career in dance – (dreams of seeing herself where one day?)
- started teaching other dancers 3 years ago because her teachers Frank Georgio and Joanne Chapman (the owner of the school) suggested it
- no other friends tried out for SYTYCD Canada
- her audition was a contemporary dance to the song “18th Balcony Floor” by Blue October
- audition was at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre
- had to spend 2 days there during the auditioning process

Suggested Questions:

So you’ve had one of the coveted behind the scenes glimpses of what it’s like to audition for So You Think You Can Dance Canada….First, tell us why did you decide to audition?

How was it?

Can we start at the beginning…..
- What is the registration process?
- How long did it take?
- So what next…what does a contestant go through?
- So we have to ask….were you nervous?
- how did your pre-audition go?
- Were you legally obligated to not say anything about the show after the auditioning process?
- What were the contract rules?
- After your pre-audition you were able to get your 30 seconds of individual audition in front of the producers… how do you think you did?
- What did you accomplish when you were auditioning? (personal goal, etc.)
- Did you become friends with anyone else that was auditioning?
- What is the level of commitment you need to have in this industry?
- Dance isn’t your only ambition….I understand you’ve also applied for some university programs this fall?
- Could you show us the audition you did for the show?

Background on Guest:

- Alisha Lucchese has been dancing ever since she was 7 years old
- She is now 18 and still absolutely loves to dance
- She knows practically every dance (i.e. tap, hip hop, jazz, contemporary, ballet, acrobatics)
- She practices very frequently; multiple days during the week at her Brampton Studio (Joanne Chapman School of Dance)
- Alisha also teaches various dances to young girls and boys at the Bolton Studio (Joanne Chapman School of Dance)
- She performs here in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area regularly
- Alisha also travels for her dance, performing in many popular cities (i.e. Las Vegas, New York, etc)
- She has made appearances on Hollywood movies as a background dancer (i.e. “Honey”, etc)
- She has taken another semester at her high school to figure out what career she wants to pursue along with dancing (she is looking into a Kinesiology and Psychology Program at Ryerson and York University)
- She has finished her extra semester at school
- She wants to look for a post-secondary education with an Arts Program to continue her semi-professional dancing
- Alisha is a very dedicated dancer and has tried out for “So You Think You Can Dance Canada” this past season with a contemporary dance audition
- Her song she auditioned to was “18th Floor Balcony” by Blue October… to listen to it visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7SMEfyAWfo
- Top Awards: at Nationals – usually runner up… at Regionals – usually 1st place
- Started teaching 3 years ago because her teachers, Frank Georgio and Joanne Chapman (owner of the school) suggested it
- She says the hardest thing about teaching is “taking something you know so well and teaching it to younger kids”
- She says the hardest thing about teaching is “To overcome any style. When something is not your forte, you have to practice non-stop”

Background on Topic:

• The Gemini Award-winning show is based on the Emmy Award-winning smash hit series created by Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe that premiered in 2005

• How does the process work?
- Registration begins at 8 a.m.
- After registration, competitors wait in a holding area. They will then be asked to line up in groups before being brought into the audition holding room. The competitors are then brought in front of the producers for pre-audition.
- Each competitor will get 30 seconds to perform a dance for the producers.
Successful competitors will receive a Gold Ticket and advance to the “Celebrity Auditions.” Unsuccessful competitors must depart the venue immediately.
- 'Celebrity Auditions' may be held on a different date. Auditions are performed on-camera in front of the judging panel assembled for that city.
Successful competitors from “Celebrity Auditions” advance to the finals round in Toronto. (http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20100923/dance_season4_auditiontour_20100923/20100923/?s_name=dance2010)

• Cross-country auditions are open to all Canadians who as of November 6, 2010, are of the age of majority in the province/territory in which they reside, and no older than 30 years of age
• The age of majority is as follows: 18 years of age in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Saskatchewan; and 19 years of age in British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut and Yukon (http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20101101/dance_auditions_season4_faqs/20101106?s_name=dance2010&no_ads=)

• SYTYCDC showcases dancers from across the country as they compete to impress an expert panel of judges
• The lucky contestant who is crowned Canada’s Favourite Dancer will receive $100,000. For the first time ever, the winner, runner-up and one lucky viewer will win a brand new Mazda 2

• Toronto’s Season 4 Auditions were held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on November 20th 2010

Pre- Interview Notes:

Film/TV Experience:
Starred in as a dancer in “Honey” By Bille Woodruff December 2003
Artist Blake McGrath: Music Video “The Night” (Dancer) May 2008
Artist Blake McGrath: Music Video “Stage Fright” (Dancer) January 2011
“The Shoot” By Dee Caspary (Dancer) August 2009
CTV Commercial: “So You Think You Can Dance” (Dancer) August 2008
“Bella Dancerella Dance Party” (Dancer)
“Bella Dancerella High School Musical” (Dancer)
Bravo Fact Documentary: “All I Wanna Do Is Just Have Fun” (Dancer) October 2003

Dancer in 2010 Choreographer’s Ball for Eryn Waltman December 2010
Dancer in 2010 Ace Awards for Eryn Waltman August 2010
Dancer in “The Shoot” By Dee Caspary August 2009
Performed in Gala for West Coast Dance Explosion with
The Pointer Sisters July 2007
Participated in Regional and National dance competitions across Canada and USA with Joanne Chapman School of Dance 2001- Present
Performed in Recital Performances for Joanne Chapman School 2000- Present
of Dance

Dance Training:
Training at Joanne Chapman School of Dance 2000-Present
Worked with Choreographers such as: Dee Caspary, Mandy Moore,
Misha Gabriel, Hani Abaza, Tiffany Mclean, Kenny Wormald,
Marty Kudelka, Shanna Cipressi, Tatiana Parker, Eryn Waltman,
Teddy Forance, Mia Michaels, Blake McGrath, Nick Bass, Nick Lazzarini,
Shannon Mather, Harry Shum, Katy Spreadbury, Joanne Chapman,
Dana Chapman-Carroll and many more. 2000-Present
Participated in classes at Millennium, The Edge and Broadway
Dance Center 2006-Present
Attended Summer Intensives across Canada and US 2000-Present
Attended Workshop Regionals and Nationals such as: Jump,
West Coast Dance Explosion, Nuvo, The Pulse and many more. 2000-Present

Dance Teaching/Choreography:
Associate Member of BATD (British Association of Teaching Dance June 2009
Dance Teacher at Joanne Chapman School of Dance 2009-Present
Dance Teacher at JCSOD Bolton 2009-Present
Recreational and Competitive Choreography at Joanne Chapman
School of Dance and JCSOD Bolton 2009-Present
Assisted Tiffany Mclean at Soul Workshop August 2010
Choreography at Fresh Workshop August 2010
Choreography at DanceDiscovery Summer Camp August 2009

Royal Academy of Dancing Ballet Exam: Grades 1 to Advanced 2 2003- 2010
Numerous titles and overall placements at Regional and National
Competitions 2001-Present
Senior Female JUMP VIP 2nd Runner-Up National Winner July 2010
Senior Female JUMP VIP Regional Winner October 2010
Costal Dance Rage Senior Regional Winner October 2010
Dance Canada High Score Soloist 16 and Over 2010
5th Runner-Up at Hall of Fame National Solo Showdown July 2010
Awarded scholarships to Millennium, The Edge and Broadway
Dance Center