3 Golf Lab: Suggested Intro

Top Trend- The Golf Lab

The main business model of the Golf Lab is that they are game improvement specialists. So everything they have in the building is designed to make you, the golfer, better. So all the tools, the putting green, the gym, the fitness area, the chipping green, the build lab (where they actually build clubs to the specks that you need them so they’re perfectly fit for you) Are used to help you improve your game.

So every aspect of your game is able to be tested using state of the art Doppler Radar machines so they can give you a base line test so they can figure out where you are in chipping, where you are hitting a golf ball, where your putting is, etc. After the testing, you then work together with the instructor and they help get you better. You both can go back and look at those initial baselines that you started off with. The instructors can actually prove to you that you’re getting better, or if you’re not getting better. If you're not, they'll go back with you and figure out where you went wrong, or what it is you need to work on to help you achieve your goals.