Show 3: Long Run Suggested Intro

Suggested Host Intro: Long Run

The Long Run Thoroughbred Retirement Society’s aim is to offer an alternative for racehorses that are no longer able to compete.

Long Run tries to help foster, rehabilitate and find these racehorses permanent adoptive homes and possible alternative careers as pleasure horses or companions.

This organization wants to educate the Ontario thoroughbred racing community and the public about these alternatives for retired racehorses.

Long Run tries to find great homes for retired racehorses to live. Fundraising, volunteer work and help from the Ontario thoroughbred industry help provide Long Run with the necessities to care for and help the horses.

The funds that are raised goes to basic care for the horses, feed, veterinary supplies, blacksmith services, halters and other stable equipment.

Long Run doesn’t have a place for the horses. They find people who would like to foster the horses until they are ready to be adopted.

Gail Manzi Sim is one of the foster home volunteers. She has been involved with Long Run for almost 10 years now and has had 55 horses come through her farm that have been adopted.