Show 3 Top Demo Outline

Top Demo Outline: The Sheridan College Chamber Choir
By: Jaspreet, Melissa, Stephanie, Scott, and Paul

Focus: The journey and experience of Sheridan College Chamber Choir throughout the years.
Interview List:
1) Michael Mulrooney, instructor for the choir
2) Choir team members
3) Student/audience reaction

Potential Shot List: Mainly of the interviewees if possible
• Xcu: hand movements and facial expressions
• Cu: panning left to right while they sing
• ls: the choir performing at practices and in SCAET
• ws: the lead singers
• Xws: the whole practice classroom with background
• Ms: the complete performance of one song
• Ms: everyone including the instructor
• Cu: the piano, leader singers
• Ls: the whole formation
• Cu: reactions of consents while others are performing (audience?)
• Many shots of these varieties from different sources along with different camera angles

Potential Story Line:

Sound-up: Zoom in on their performance while they are singing and clapping; audience reaction?

Viz: the choir moves on the court picture
V/O: “The Sheridan College Chamber Choir has it all from practicing in a small room located at the Trafalgar campus to performing at the Wyoming House of Representatives.”

Interview clip #1 – Interview Michael about his reaction to their success.

Viz: students walking around in their classroom and setting up for the practice

V/O: It all starts here. The choir members are to be here at 9 am every Wednesday for their practice because practice makes it perfect.

Interview clip #2: Michael talks about their practice routine.

Sound bite: 3- second sound bite; Viz- camera turn to Michael
V/O: Michael has also been variously involved as music director, conductor, pianist and arranger with over 50 theatrical productions, including The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, Ragtime and Showboat.

Interview clip #3: Student reaction about his experience

Viz: Michael talking/teaching his students talking to his students, actions
V/O: Michael has been involved with Sheridan students for X number of years. They have been holding performances since X year.

Interview Clip #4: Michael talks about his experience at Sheridan collage.

Viz: Zoom from Michael to his students performing
V/O: Michael and his team continue to hold wonderful performances at various locations through the campus.

Sound up of the performance and it the music fades into the studio interview.

Shooting Schedule
We will be filming their practices on Wednesday in room GBo3/04. We will arrange and interview on the same day or on a Tuesday because Michael is available after his class.

Pre-Interview Questions for Michael
1) How did the choir start?
2) Where do your performances take place?
3) What is the strongest component about your team?
4) What type of songs do you play? Follow a theme?
5) Do you write your own songs?
6) Do you consider yourself a glee club?
7) How many students are in the choir?
8) Where are your practices held? How many times do you practice in a week?
9) How many times do you perform in a year?

Interview Questions for choir members:

1) Why did you join the choir? What inspired you?
2) How long have you been in the choir?
3) What songs do you sing?
4) Do you enjoy being in this choir? Why?