Show 3-Sheridan Choir Call Sheet

Call Sheet- TOP DEMO- Sheridan Choir

Date: Tuesday March 15th
Interview: Michael Mulrooney and TBA choir member
Crew to be on set:

Location: Room GB04/03 Sheridan College

Shoot times:
-14:00- all meet in Scaet building
-14:00-14:15- Head over to Studio to meet Mike and choir member (TBA)
-14:15-14:45- Set up cameras
-14:45-15:45 –Interview Mike and choir member (TBA)
-15:45-16:00- Wrap up

Melissa will bring camera, tripod and mic kit.

Date: Wednesday March 16th
Broll Footage: Choir practice
Crew to be on set:
-Melissa: 416 970 0820

Location: Room GB03/04 Sheridan College

Shoot Times:
-9:00- Melissa and Andrew to meet the crew in room GB03/04
-9:00-9:15- Set up cameras
-9:15-11:20- Shoot choir practicing
-11:20-11:45- wrap up

Melissa will bring Camera, tripod and mic kit