Show 3-Top Issue Outline

Long Run Organization
Tanya Colli, Andrew Galvao, RJ McCullough, Bonnie Burak

The Long Run Organization allows injured and abused racehorses to stay at volunteers’ farms until people adopt them for their farm. (No one knows where the horses go after being injured)

Interview List:
Gail Manzi Sim – Long Run volunteer
Sherry – responsible for looking at adopting farms (make sure they’re safe – long process, etc.)
Veterinarian – talk about injuries of racehorses
Woodbine Racetrack – talk to riders, people who care for their horses

Interview Dates:
Gail Manzi Sim – Sunday March 20 2011
Sherry – Sunday March 20 2011 – possibility
Veterinarian – TBA
Woodbine Racetrack – TBA

Interview Questions:
How did you get involved with Long Run?
Why did you want to volunteer?
How long have you been a volunteer?
How many horses do you have from the organization?
How many horses have you adopted to another farm?
Which horses have specific injuries?
Where do you normally get your horses?
What is the cost of caring for the horses from the organization?

How did you get involved with Long Run?
What is the adoption process?
Where (what farms) can the horses go to? (Toronto, Peterborough)
What makes a good farm for a horse to be adopted at?

How many racehorses do you care for each year?
What type of injuries have you encountered?
What is done to take care of the horses after being injured (hospital)?
What kinds of injuries would make a horse not able to race anymore?

Woodbine Racetrack
How much does it cost to care for your racehorse?
How do you feel when a horse is taken out of the races?
Have you had to lose a horse because of their injuries?
If so… Where did the horse go?

- Gail’s farm
- Horses
- Horse stalls
- Feed and water
- Fields
- Racetrack
- Vet’s office
- Vet’s pictures of injured racehorses
- Woodbine Fundraiser

- Start off with racetrack
- Show pictures of injured racehorses
- Show Long Run’s volunteer farm as a “safe haven”
- Horses running in field
- Horses in stalls (feeding, water)
- Gail grooming the horse
- Gail walking the horse through the stable
- Woodbine Fundraiser MOS’s, broll, clips, speeches
- Vet’s office explaining injuries