Show 3 Top Talk Outline

Jennifer Dibu-Caiole

Top Talk- Missing Toronto Women Artwork

Focus: An artist paints portraits of women who have gone missing in Toronto since 1970-2000.


- There are four different types of violence against women: Emotional and Psychological, Economic, sexual, physical.
- It is estimated that 1 in every 6 women in Canada is abused by her partner each year.
- over 60% of female homicides are due to family violence
- the estimated annual health related costs for violence against women in Canada is $1,539,650,387
- In Toronto there is a Women abuse council of Toronto, that helps find solutions for violence against women.
- women between the ages of 25 and 44 with indian status are 5 times more likely to die as a result of violence.
- an average of 200 women are murdered in Canada.
- rates of violence against women is higher in Northern Canada than in Southern Canada.
- rates of spousal homicide towards women have decreased by 15%
- 83% of spousal violence are female
- as many as 70% of these incidents are not reported.
- It seems like the murder and missing rate for Aboriginal women is a lot higher than for women of other races.
- since October 4th 2010 582 women have been reported missing or murdered.
- There is a Vigil called the “sisters in spirit vigil” which is a nationwide event that represents aboriginal women and violence towards them.
- Ilene has studied art, and went to school and focused on psychology and has also completed her masters where she completed her Epic Series.
- Ilene has been featured on Al Gore’s television program “The Current”

- shots of her studio(wide,close-up,medium)
- shots of her possibly painting
- shots of all her artwork(wide,close-up,medium)
- shots of her teaching an art class
- shots of Ilene looking and analyzing her paintings
- shots of Ilene walking up and down her studio
- shots of one on one with art student

Shooting Date:
Friday March 19th 2011

Ilene will be coming into the studio the day of the show to be interviewed by the hosts.