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Virtual Golf Outline
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Focus: Improving your golf game with the use of technology.

- The Golf Lab is a unique facility, providing golf lessons and the necessary tools, through high-level technology, for golfers of all levels to make significant, quantifiable improvement to their golf game during the off-season
-It typically takes an hour per player to play a full round of golf in a comfortable pace, while still enjoying some food and drinks.
- In combination with the assistance from one of the Certified Teaching Professionals and your own practice time, your game and swing technique will increase to a much higher level.
- State-of-the-art Launch Monitors
- High Speed HD Video Systems
- Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls
- Fiberbuilt practice mats
- Swing trainers, demo clubs, and golf fitness tools for members to use at their leisure
They take a 3 step approach to each of the specific disciplines:
-Initial Testing
- Prescription and Application
- Re-testing to quantify improvement


Links: http://www.thegolflab.ca/

Kyle Freer
Professional Golfer
ac.balflogeht|elyk#ac.balflogeht|elyk 905-760-2522

Shot Dates:


1) Sound bites of golf clubs hitting the ball
2) Reporter walking talking about how summer is coming and how there’s a way you can get prepared for it and improve your game – and you don’t even have to go outside.
3) VO and Broll introducing “The Golf Lab” explaining what they do and how the virtual experience works
4) Interview with the Owner or Instructor on the success of their business
5) Reporter gets a lesson
6) Possibly talk to someone else who’s tried it there / hear how it’s worked for them

Interview Questions:

- What is the appeal of virtual golfing?
- How do you get such realistic looking courses?
- Do you think places like these (indoor) make the sport more popular?
- Do you even run into any problems with the technology?
- How do you analyze the player’s swing/speed/etc.?
- Are you working on anything new for The Golf Lab?
- Do people seem to enjoy the experience as much as golfing outdoors?
- What do you offer in your lessons?
- Do factors like wind and sand traps faced in real golf come into play in the virtual golf experience?
- What do you hope people will achieve in their time here?