Concussions In Hockey

Focus – Rise of concussions in Hockey


This segment will look at the on going issues of concussions in minor and professional hockey. We will also look at what can be done to prevent these injuries. They are commonly caused by head shots and deu to the rough nature of hockey.

People to Interview:

Michael Cusimano – Neurologist
Sherrin – Emergency Receptionist Oakville Memorial Hospital
Richard McCullough – Hockey Referee and Chief
Recently concussed hockey player


(Sound up) The segment will start with some hockey and other general sports footage.
(VO) How sports are a good thing to get kids involved in.

(B-roll footage) Switch to hockey fights and pileups and pushing players into walls etc. VO about increase in injuries mainly concussions
(VO) Facts about concussion statistics and increase etc will then be inputted.

(Clip) First expert/doctor will be shown in a clip discussing sport related concussions from hockey and the effects it has long term (Naturopathic doctor from NHC, Oakville)

(B-roll) Show kids playing hockey etc.
(VO) talk about effects on them after having a concussion

(Clip) Expert about children’s concussions and hockey injuries (‘Childs Play’ doctor, Oakville)

(Clip) Interview ‘Streeters’ and concussed hockey player and their opinions of Hockey violence at Ice2Ice rink in Oakville (where most of the hockey footage will come from)

Closing info on avoiding injuries and protecting kids

Amanda Moelker, RJ McCullough, Paul Carrie