Field to Table Foods

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Top Talk: Field to Table Foods
By: Zara and Jaspreet
Tape: One

Sound-up: kids in the cafeteria ordering their food as usual.

B-Roll: children are waiting in line and ordering food their turn comes.
This is the “Good Food Café” where students come for lunch everyday and pay just four dollars for a healthy home grown and cooked meal. The Good Food café is modeled by Foodshare to create a healthy school cafeteria, serving nutritious food that students choose to eat and that is simple to prepare, proving that “good for you” can be easy and tasty too. These students are involved in program called “From field to Table”. What this means is that they have been educated on proper food literacy – everything from growing their own food, to learning how to harvest and cook together.

B-roll: Foodshare building picture
B-roll: the food counter with plates lined up. The camera does a sort of a zoom effect on the counter.

V/O: Right inside the doors of this elementary school lies FoodShare, a non-profit organization that has created ideal nutritional programs for students ranging from junior kindergarten through to grade 12. Their great success with the Good Food Café starts right here in their basement cafeteria, cooking wholesome meals for an affordable price.

B-roll: Staff walking down the stairs
B-roll: Staff walking in the kitchen. The kitchen environment is shown including the stoves, tables, chefs cooking and pots.

V/O: And that’s not all that FoodShare does, in this same building they also have the Field to Table warehouse where volunteers meet each week to pack boxes of food together for delivery across the greater Toronto area. These boxes are called Good Food boxes that are filled with top quality fresh fruits and vegetables that are brought directly from farmers and the Ontario Food terminal.
And the good news is that anyone can get these Good Food boxes, all you have to do is get between eight to ten people together and become a community drop off point!

B-roll: The FoodShare warehouse is shown. There are boxes piled up and staff is hard at work. The camera does a complete pan.
V/O:For the Vibe, I am Zara Brandt