3-Top Demo-Capoeira paper edit

Top Demo: Capoeiria
Team 3 Segment Producer: Jaspreet Dhaliwal
Reporter/Editor: Andrew Galvao
Second Camera: Anthony Ashbee
Tapes: Tape One (classroom footage from main camera), Tape Two (second
camera with multiple camera angles) and Tape Three (Interviews and
exterior shots)
Additional: Youtube clips of fast game, old videos of Mestre Bimba, old pictures


V/O: These astonishing moves fall under the title of Capoeiria, a combination of fight, dance, rhythm and movement. The Afro-Brazilian slaves gave the second name of a martial arts dance.

01: 29: 38:00 CLIP Mestre Camarao, Mestre at Camara Capoeiria
When slaves were brought to Africa by the protégées 500 years ago, they were not allowed to practice any kind of so they had to disguise their self-defense in a dance, which is in the rhythms as well.

VIZ-Shot of classroom-students practicing moves
V/O In the transformation from a fight practice to a dance, there were special rhythms developed to pass along messages.

01:31:05:12 CLIP Mestre Camarao
There is one rhythm that we call cavalida that was to signify that the military or the police is coming close or near by. And they would change their game to emphasis the dance and then once they return, they would continue the self-defense Capoeiria

VIZ- old pictures and footage of Mestre Bimba
V/O It became a powerful weapon for the slaves in the life and death struggle against their oppressors. When the owners of the sugar cane fields realized the power of Capoeiria, they began to punish the ones who practiced it. They sometimes even killed them.

Possibly a clip from Mestre Bimba once I get the translation in and the translation will be written at the bottom as he talks

VIZ- students singing, playing instruments and the circle dance
V/O Short after, Capoeiristas added music, signing and clapping to disguise the forbidden fight. But music has established itself within the game that everything became reliant on it.

00:02:20:22 CLIP Pipplo, Student at Camara Capoeiria
The music determines how good the game is. So, if no one is singing, no one is clapping, and then the game is no fun. No one wants to play.

VIZ old and modern footage of the instruments, a combination (use transition effects)
V/O The instruments used Capoeiristas are passed down from history.

We have three instruments in Capoeiria. The bone instrument is called a berimbaus. And it is a primary instrument in Capoeiria. We use agoga, which is a base, and a magio which is a tanner and viola which a alto. The agoga carried the main melody, which is playing, and there is a variation with the other two instruments. Aside that we use a papa something, which is a drum and pindario, which is a tamborine.

VIZ- students playing the game in the classroom
V/O There are numerous types of games that are practiced at various Capoeiria schools. However, Camara Capoeiria uses to focus on the games that are closer to the ground.

00:26:45:24 CLIP Mestre Camarao
The games we focus on are here are number of games, but the games we focus on are sub-mental jimboomba, which is martial art for Capoeiria. It’s a stand up and very direct. There is Angola, which is more traditional, basically lower to the round and a lot of control.

VIZ (sound up) – music and students playing the game in a circle
V/O It takes a lot of practice and a special connection to get good at a game like this.

00:02:32:15 CLIP Pipplo, Student at Camara Capoeiria (some of the clip is covered with VIZ)
So it won’t be the stereo playing, it will actually be people with instruments. So two people go in, they play their Capoeiria for a while and people sort of just buy the game. It is sort of continuous continuous continuous. So they will buy two people out. It will keep going and you just sub in for whoever had been there longest until the song changes rhythms.

VIZ- students doing their moves and then switches to Andrew doing his demonstration.
V/O Capoeiria is a very complex game and takes years and years to master. Since I was there, I decided to give a shot. It was quite a work out by the end of it.

34:01:23:10 CLIP Andrew Galvao and Mestre Camarao * has a pad over 30 sec
Andrew does a little demonstration with Camarao; instructions Camarao
** Mestre Camarao will be coming in the studio to do the demonstration along with a couple students he wants to bring along. But, we want to include Andrew in the video and then make the transition to the studio.

** Suggested Host Introduction: Mestre Camarao is in the studio with us today. Welcome to The Vibe. So, what did you think of our Andrew’s performance there?

First youtube source:

Second youtube source: Mestre Bimba’s clip