2-Over the Top-DJ's replacing rock stars-Paper Edit

Paper Edit DJ:
Sound -Up: Close up of turn tables, close up of DJ, people in the audience going crazy with their arms in the air while dancing.

Quote: “House Dj’s are the new Rock Stars”
-Rolling Stones magazine

V/O: In 1985, In Chicago, house music was born. House music evolved from a combination of everything from disco to funk to R and B. As the club scene grew, individual DJ’s created their own sound by mixing drum machines, sequencers and synthesizers and the result was the house DJ. After 25 years of growing fans, technology and music genres, house is now in the limelight.

Stand Up:
“I’m here at Z103 with DJ Danny D where he is about to play the Drive at 5 and play the music that is taking over our generation.

Sound bite: House music scene in a club, produced and played by DJ Danny D

Clip: DJ Danny D: 00:33:28
“Going back to like 1998, I first started Djing in the big clubs, my first big club was paparazzi, you know at that time it was Latin music that was pretty big at the time and then you had R and B, hip hop, pop music, you know that’s when Britney spears came out with hit me baby one more time, people in the club wanted to hear pop music, but it was crazy, but I stuck to my guns which is being a supporter and avid lover of dance music and slowly over the years you see the progressive towards house music, people would come up to me and say, what’s that techno music you’re playing, meanwhile it was house music, now its just crazy to see David guetta working with akon, rumors with Dr dre and Britney spears, its insane of what house music has become. “

V/O: “But why is house music becoming so popular in our generation? 2 Toronto DJ’s also have seen the explosion of house music.
B-roll: Of people buying house music on ITunes, you tubing DJ’s

Clip: Andrew and Rafwat 03:08:00- 3:27:00
“House has always been around, but in the last 2-3 years it’s just exploded, with crazy bookings this year. We have a lot of local talent who are producing tracks and play all over the world.
“It more for a clubbing experience, you when people go out to party and stuff, but now they want to listen to some good music as well, they’re bored of the top 40, the house thing is the new culture. Plus we all used to party and we started on the top 40, but once you hit the club with a proper DJ the whole Vibe is different”

03:12:15 DJ Danny d
Clip: “It’s become a culture for people. People feel house music, they love the beats they love the feeling and going to an event to see a DJ play like Armin van Buren, well he is more trance but tiesto or David Guetta, afrojack, whatever the case may be, you see the vibe, people going crazy, its hard to replicate that. You see that DJ perform for 3-4 hours or you go to an event like a labour of love or you travel to the ultra music festival, you see a line up for DJ’s, like all your favourite DJs in one spot, that feeling cant be transmitted to any other kind of music, it doesn’t give you that vibe or that energy.

VO: So not only is house music bringing masses of people to the clubs, but the DJ’s are the main attraction.

Clip: Tim
6:24:10- “With a rock show I think people know what’s coming and they expect it, their going to play this or that, but when I’m DJing people don’t know what I’m going to play. You go see a rock show once and see it again, its going to be the same, if you went to see me DJ tonight, I’d play a different set than I’d play on Saturday. It’s a different show every time and I like that feeling.

VO: And fans have a lot to say about their favourite DJ’s and why they love them.

Clip: People who love house DJ’s (going to have two people)

Clip: 05:32:18-6:35-00 DJ Danny D
“Tiesto said that about Swedish house mafia, that House Dj’s are the new rock starts. And it’s true, you see this trend I say back at WMC around 2003 someone told me that it’s a DJ world, I never understood what it was until now. And when you see thousands upon thousands of people buying tickets at about 4100 bucks plus to see one DJ perform for the audience and its like certain groups or acts can’t event sell that or come close to that and they have all this air play across all these stations and all these various media outlets but yet they can’t attract what a DJ can. And DJing is truly an art form, you’re not just mixing records, you are taking 2 records mixing them but creating something new out of it and that’s where I think the passion followers and lovers are realizing it going to see a DJ, its not just going too see a guy stand there and play some music, its about art and creating a whole new vibe.

VO: Since the explosion of house music, festivals have been organized around the world where you can go to see your favourite DJ’s: Such as Miami for the World music conference and BMP in Mexico. House music is here to stay.