F-Leo paper edit

F Leo paper Edit January 24, 2011

Team: Reporter -Stephanie Caramanico
Cam/ed- Tanya Colli
Seg. Producer- RJ Mcullough
2nd cam- James Gallo

Tapes 1, 2

Viz: Frank walking into his work building, Frank walking out of building, Drives off in Camero
Tape 1 : 1:30:07
V/O: “A banker by day, Frank Lambrinos is not the usual businessman you may assume he is. He has been working in the financial industry for 4 years, but at night he has a different life. This 25 year old is actually an aspiring hip-hop artist. He has the passion and poetic talent for writing music.”

Viz: Frank walking out of his car, in different outfit, into studio meeting his crew.
Tape 1: 1:45:14
V/O: “On his free time, Frank, musician name, F Leo, heads over to the studio to work on his first album with his management and friends.”

Viz: Collage of pictures and videos, covered by his music

Interview #1: Frank
Tape 2: 35:12:09
-Covered with Broll of him working in studio
“Basically how it happened is that you know I was doing the rap thing, about 4 years ago, and I said to myself education is extremely important. At that time I actually didn’t finish high school, I had dropped out in gr 12, thought you know I was gonna be the worlds biggest hip hop star. That didn’t, you know its going to plans now 4 years later, but other than that is what happens is that I went back to school, got my diploma in 2007.”

Tape 2: 37:14:41
“It’s been good ever since, the money is good and I get to follow my dreams as well and be responsible at the same time.”

Viz: Photo shoot
Tape 1: 11:15:09
V/O: “F Leo has been writing music since he was a young teenager. After a while, his friend suggested he start professionally recording his music in a studio. F Leo then got connected with Darryl Riley, a Canadian Hip hop artist and Nuno Entertainment after they heard an old demo. It started to develop from there.

Stand up:
Tape 2: 41:09:37
“This is where the magic happens. Every spare moment that F Leo has, he’s working in this studio working on his new street album, open to public. Lets take a look at some things he has worked on.”

VIZ: of him in the recording studio, rapping.
Tape 1: 24:09:57

Interview with Vik and Rishi
Tape 1: 10:08:43
“He got a lot of qualities, he’s original. This guy will put out delivery on point. Listen to his lyrics actually and everyone will see why he is F Leo and why he is getting such big recognition out here.

“The biggest struggle out there is that talent comes and goes, but one is that is dedication. Dedictaion is not there, your not going to be going nowhere. And that’s what we love seeing in out talent and we love representing. When there is dedication there, there is motivation that follows. That is what really falls into place”

Viz: At photo shoot
Tape 1: 23:45:08
V/O: He then got introduced to Nathan Elliot, who has been in the music industry for 9 years. He became F Leos manager and greatest friend.

Interview: Nathan Elliot
Tape 1: 25:26:11
“F Leo is close to my heart, and that’s why I treat him the way I treat him, like a brother, an older brother, and at the same time a younger brother. So I wouldn’t be able to define exactly how I feel about him, it’s a little bit of awkward love.”

Viz: in Studio working
Tape 2: 40:52:09
V/O: They push each other everyday to work hard. Its straight to the top, or nothing.

Interview Nathan Elliot
Tape 1: 28:44:01
“This guys favourite term is I’m my own worst critic, along those lines. I believe that but at the same time, you gotta love it, your gotta love the game for what it is, you have to be a critic, you have to be able to share your opinion on yourself and other people as well.

Viz: Photo shoot
Tape 1: 33:09:59
V/O: “Even though F Leo has the talent and works on his music everyday, he still struggles, like any aspiring artist getting into the industry.

Interview with Frank
Tape 2: 40:09:01
“There are some really talented hip hop artists out there, and you gotta keep up with them, you gotta continuously write music, you gotta have your own style, and its just gotta be different.”

Viz: In Studio
Tape 1: 42:44:17
V/O: “But one way he makes himself known is networking. You can find F leo on facebook, my space, and you tube.

Tape 2: 04:22:09
Sound Bite of Frank just speaking to the camera.