Hockey Parents

Paper Edit for “Parents in Hockey”
OPEN: (Tape 4 - 06:43:01 to 06:58:24)
Sunset shot of people planning pond hockey – long shadows in foreground.
V/O: (In at 00:03:15): “Dreams of playing in the NHL begin here. Minus twenty on a beautiful January afternoon, but you’re not cold. You’re parents see the joy you express while playing here so they get you into an organized league. You practise, you play, more and more, and you get better. Now the pressure begins, not only for you, but for your parents as well. They want to see you do well. Your dream is now their dream. But, sometimes the future becomes fuzzy when the innocence of the dream is lost.”
(Tape 2 – 17:10:28 to 17:16:00) Goalie in red making a save on kid in yellow
(Tape 1 – 03:24:26 to 03:28:07) Face off at center ice
(Tape 1 – 08:02:28 to 08:06:18) Goalie makes save and kid in white falls down
(Tape 1 – 00:19:28 to 00:25:06) Parents standing and one guy sits down
(Tape 2 – 14:41:06 to 14:45:07) Bald guy leans back in awe
(Tape 2 – 21:01:15 to 21:05:05) C/U of kid staring into the camera

V/O: (In at 00:31:23): “Two years ago, then 11-year-old Miller Donnelly posted this speech on YouTube to National acclaim.”
* Back start the video of the YouTube video WITHOUT the sound over the V/O and bring the audio of the CLIP up at 00:37:12
“When I walk into an arena for a hockey game my helmet is in my bag and every adult I see treats me with respect.”
B-ROLL – (Tape 1 – 09:36:10 to 09:39:21) Parents clapping – little girl in foreground)
CLIP (con’t) (back in at 00:48:14)
“But the minute I put on my magic helmet and step on the ice, adults treat me much differently. They yell at me, they curse me, and they call me names. They treat me like I’ve been playing hockey for fifteen years and get mad when I make a mistake. And I know it’s the helmet because when I go to a friend’s back yard rink and I’m only wearing a toque, adults treat me much nicer.”
V/O: (In at 01:13:16): “Thirty year veteran official and Referee in Chief for Burlington Minor Hockey, Richard McCullough tells us the experience Miller described is still happening and it’s even worse.”
* Start B-ROLL at same time as V/O above (01:13:16)
(Tape 1 – 05:16:20 to 05:22:16) Richard dropping puck for a face-off.
(Tape 1 – 08:42:24 to 08:49:01) Richard on glass, skates towards camera and wipes.

CLIP – RICHARD McCULLOUGH (Tape 3 – 04:29:09 to 04:36:18)

“It used to be just yelling…it used to be just verbal. Now it’s confrontational.”

CLIP – DAVE KAVANAGH (Tape 2 – 09:25:25 to 09:31:12)
“A mom from another team and a dad from our team got into a shouting match.”
CLIP – ROSLYN KAVANAGH (Tape 3 – 02:35:05 to 02:47:05)
“These are eight year old boys, these are little kids and when there’s a parent heckling a child who they don’t thinks playing well in net or whatever and they’re standing behind the glass banging on the glass…that is wrong.”
B-ROLL: comes in at 01:42:04
(Tape 1 – 09:46:03 to 09:50:06) Bald guy talking to another parent
(Tape 2 – 13:54:10 to 13:58:26) Goalie skates out from crease to challenge

CLIP – PATTI NEWMAN (Tape 5 – 08:44:15 to 08:47:14)

“I went to a game” *Need B-ROLL to cover jump cut* IN @ 01:49:08

B-ROLL above:
(Tape 4 – 10:06:27 to 10:10:18) Goalie at far end in Bruins uniform – players camera L to R

CLIP – PATTI NEWMAN (Tape 5 – 08:49:23 to 09:16:28)

“And I was not prepared for the level of intensity. And how aggressive the mom’s were.

(Tape 1 – 09:47:06 to 09:52:03) Mom in crowd standing up watching game intently

“They were screaming, they were screaming at players on the other team. They were screaming at their own kids and negative comments like ‘what are you doing?’”

V/O: (In at 02:08:07): “Executive Director of the GTHL Scott Oakman shares his insight into why this is happening.”

B-Roll for above:
(Tape 3 – 21:52:15 to 21:59:21) Scott on phone sits up and turns toward desk.
CLIP – SCOTT OAKMAN (Tape 3 – 01:29:16 to 01:38:01)

“I think the pressures around players and their families now have a lot more to do with the cost of the game so there’s the appearance that there’s more at stake.”

CLIP – RICHARD McCULLOUGH (Tape 3 – 00:06:17 to00:22:17)

“Two grand to join at least…a thousand bucks in sticks…five hundred bucks for skates… probably a thousand bucks plus in gas…or more. I think a lot of its just people getting to the point where they’re uh, all they do is they live for hockey.”

B-Roll for above: ***to start at 02:25:03)
(Tape 5 – 16:45:26 to 16:48:06) Hockey stick rack
(Tape 5 – 17:14:19 to 17:17:22) Skates on wall to Sale tag of $599.99
(Tape 6 – 00:02:00 to 00:05:25) Esso gas station at night – price 114.5

CLIP – LESLIE BUTLER (Tape 5 – 01:13:04 to 02:06:07)

“First of all there’s the money and uh you’re putting out a lot of cash. And add to that, it’s kind of a potent mix because add to that you have this…

(Tape 1 – 09:17:02 to 09:22:15) Parents jumping up and down and clapping in stands
(Tape 1 – 00:58:15 to 01:08:16) Parents on other side of red railing following game

CLIP cont’d:

…desire to see your kid excel and so the mix of the money and the sort of vicarious desire to see your kid be a star, make it to the NHL or, if you’re girls, make it to a Provincial team or a National team. You have parents feeling pressure and transferring that to the kid.”

V/O: (In at 03:05:06) “So how does this transference of pressure affect the kids?”

B-Roll for above:
(Tape 1 – 07:32:13 to 07:38:09) Young players reflected in glass over boards.

CLIP – DR. DOUGLAS SAUNDERS (Tape 4 – 10:45:10 to

“When I used to coach, there were players who were in the opposite camp…

(Tape 2 – 47:49:10 to 47:55:06) Players in Rangers uniforms at bench

…where they had chosen themselves to leave competitive hockey…
(Tape 1 – 22:24:24 to 22:35:24) Pan of kids in helmets listening to coach

…and go back to playing rep hockey because they couldn’t stand the pressure and the demands and the level of agitation and anger that used to exist.”

CLIP: Lino Vallorani (Tape 3 – 07:16:04 to 07:38:18)
*starts with B-ROLL over top of Clip audio*

“I was driving myself crazy and I think I was driving myself crazy too.” (CONTINUED)

(Tape 1 – 06:28:24 to 06:33:23) Lino in stands with striped scarf.

“He was perceptive enough to say to me you know what daddy, after the game, don’t be mad at me if I don’t play well.” (CONTINUED)

(Tape 2 – 18:05:07 to 18:14:17) Lino watching son’s practice.


“So I kind of took that and thought, okay man, you better relax and make it fun for him. Otherwise, like my wife says, he’s gonna just say when he’s eleven twelve, I don’t wanna do this anymore.”

CLIP: Roslyn Kavanagh (Tape 3 – 03:13:07 to

“It’s sad and it’s not fair to the kids. Like they are there, and they leave the arena…

(Tape 2 – 26:09:21 to 26:18:28) Dave and son leaving Central Recreation Centre.
(Tape 1 – 02:40:03 to 02:47:07) Dave and son loading hockey gear into car.

…if they’re being heckled for example or whatever else. They see all that, they hear that and they go home and they have such a different feeling going back to the rink the next time. It’s either they’re nervous or scared, their self-esteem is just shot right down because they’ve had some adult telling them they’ve done something, yelling at them or doing something wrong.”

V/O: (In at 04:21:20) “What advice does Scott Oakman have for parents to keep in mind?”

CLIP: Scott Oakman (Tape 3 – 14:36:13 to 15:00:07)

“I think parents need to really continually reflect on why they got their children involved in the game was to have fun, develop some life skills and just to enjoy the sport of hockey, and…often, parents that lose that perspective are the ones that take that experience away from their kids.”

V/O: (In at 04:45:05)

“The focus on the game of hockey was intended to be fun…

B-Roll for above:
(Tape 2 – 47:04:06 to 47:07:23) Rack focus from glass divider to hockey game in background.

…Parents and their children spending quality time together, leaving the pressures of outside life in their proper place.”

B-Roll for above:
(Tape 5 – 25:04:08 to 25:11:21) Father and son alone on clean sheet of ice.

Final B-Roll Shot: (In at 04:55:02)
(Tape 4: 02:45:24 to 03:06:24) Pan out from hockey net mesh to reveal two people along on frozen pond as it snows.

V/O: (In at 04:55:21)

“Reporting for the Vibe…I’m Anthony Ashbee”

*OUT AT (04:58:10)*

*PAD UNTIL (05:15:16)*