Paper Edit - Bowen Therapy

PAPER EDIT- Story “Bowen Therapy” Stephanie Caramanico
November 1, 2010

Team: Producer: Steph
Editor/Camera: Scott
Reporter: James

Tapes: 1, 2

Collage of pictures of Tom Bowen- add subtle music
V/O: Born in 1916, with an eighth grade education, Tom Bowen worked as a carpenter and random skilled jobs. He got married, had children and then in the 1950’s, received a job at Geelong Cement Works as a general hand. It was during this time there were obvious signs of interest in healing.
Pictures of Tom Bowen doing the treatment on people
V/O: Bowen discovered that he had an extreme hypersensitivity of the fingers and hands, which enabled him to feel the electrical pulsing of nerves in a body and as a result he could find blockages in the nervous and muscular systems. After quitting his job, he started his therapeutic career by working with junior football clubs and the general public in Australia. Although he was not trained, he claimed his fingers could sense vibrations in the muscles, nerves and soft tissues. He called his method of treatment the Bowen Therapy.

Picture of map of Canada showing the various places clinics are found
V/O: 56 years later, in 2006, Bowen Therapy made it to Canada.
Music very low to go into stand up.

Stand up: take 4 TAPE #1
20:04:20 James
“We outside of the Bowen therapy clinic in Kleinburg where we are going to meet Rocco and Carolyn so they can give us some insight of what Bowen therapy is all about. Maybe they can fix my rigidity shoulder from baseball season. Let’s check it out.” – (heighten volume of music as we walk inside the clinic, fast forward walk to get inside to look around. Then lower volume of music at 1:20:06)

VIZ of Kleinburg Clinic of the look inside and out. Rocco and Carolyn talking at beginning.
15:45:31 TAPE # 1
V/O: A clinic close to home is where Rocco Ricci and Carolyn Jackson perform this Bowen therapy practice.
00:10:45 CLIP TAPE# 200: Rocco Ricci/Bowen Therapist:
“I became a Bowen therapist because most of our family developed a lot of back pain, because we are all tall. I had chronic back pain, because I am active in the farm, we have 6 horses at home and developed this lower back pain to the point where I needed Tylenol 3’s, just to give me pain relief.
03:00:00 “Playing hockey, with full contact, well almost full contact.
01:10:00 “And one day Carolyn came home and she said she was taking an equine course, but in order to do that you have to be a Bowen therapist. I said, I haven’t heard of Bowen therapy, so Carolyn performed Bowen Therapy on me. After 2 or 3 treatments, the inflammation in my lower back began to disappear. I stopped taking Tylenol 3’s. So I booked four days off, went to where you take the course. I said to Carolyn, you know what this is really neat stuff, I really like it. Now I try and help everyone else.”

1:55:34 CLIP TAPE# 2: Carolyn Jackson first talking in the interview then talking over the BROLL:
“It is a hands on therapy. It’s a holistic therapy so it affects the whole body. It’s a very gentle therapy.”
VIZ of Rocco and Carolyn performing the treatment on people
“It puts tension into the muscle and then releases it. It allows the body then to do the healing. Much like the chiropractor does the adjustment but the Bowen therapist initiates it and the body does the healing, so we are putting tension into muscle and releasing the tension and allowing and let it decongest. So what it does is it turns off the inflammation in the body so people so people get relief pretty quickly ”

5:40:10-6:05:00 CLIP TAPE #2: Carolyn
“This treatment is affected for almost all kinds of pain. It is very affective for chronic pain and for injury pain. And not only joint pain, but also respiratory problems like asthma, allergies or skin problems, and many more.

VIZ of therapist performing treatment for those with emotional stress.
1:09:29 TAPE # 2
V/O: It also helps with emotional stress and anxiety since a lot of our stress is held in our body. By getting a Bowen treatment, it relaxes the body, releasing the tension

VIZ of the treatment being done on people, and the places it can help heal
5:30:26 TAPE #1
V/O: Therapists say their technique is different because it is gentle yet effective; infants even the elderly can be treated.

8:05:09 CLIP TAPE # 2: Carolyn, Bowen therapist
“It is a great therapy for sports injuries. I have an accident-prone son who plays football and rugby so I got lots of practice. The great thing about it is that it works so quickly on an injury. The sooner you can get to the injured part providing it’s not a break, the Bowen therapy initiates the healing process right away and quite often the athlete is back on the field or on the ice the next day or 2 days later. And it doesn’t generally come right back. Usually it would take one or 2 treatments for it to completely heal, but it gets rid of the pain right away. In fact, in Australia quite often the rugby teams, well football teams have a Bowen therapist that travels with them. ”

Stand up: James
Take 2: Tape #1
“Well let’s head back to the desk to see if Carolyn can help with Tony’s back problems.”