James: Good Afternoon and welcome to the second installment of the Vibe. I’m your host James Gallo…

Jenny: and I’m Jennifer Dibu-Caiole. So James I understand that your a major sports fan…a confused one at that, but how do you feel about kids who play sports being pressured to be the best by their very own parents?

James: Well in this country where hockey is religion, there is bound to be some sort of parent pressure. I just can’t imagine the pressure that those kids probably deal with at every game.

Jenny: [CAMERA 3] Well hopefully we can gather a better understanding of this. The Vibes Anthony Ashbee set out onto the rinks of the GTA to see what’s really going on in the bleachers…

(segment runs)

Jenny: Oh well it’s crazy to really see how parents can really get into a game like that!

James: Haha well when most hockey parents hopes their kid is the next Crosby…I guess tempers could fly!

Jenny: The next time I go to a hockey game I will make sure to stay faaaar away from the parents!

James: I think that’s a good call, you wouldn;t want to get in the middle of the ol’ fist-a-cuffs! Well I guess the good thing to take out of this is that hockey is paramount here and people will fork out thousands for their young one to play the game. Like look at the harness racing industry? Which used to be prosperous and is now on the decline…check out this piece of this sport which is on the decline…


James: While Jenny went off to the kitchen to grab me a snack, look who we have here, Our camera man Scott Young! Scott I had no idea that you were a Harness racer!
(Scott Responds)

James: (Asks first question…)
(Scott Responds)

James: (Asks second question…)
(Scott Responds)

James: Heh Heh thanks Scott I’ll be sure to give your goggles back later, as for now lets take a sneak peak and see what our special guest is all about.

[Run Bio]

Jenny: Well thanks Brooke for being here with us today, we here at the Vibe really appreciate it.(Brooke Responds) So my first question is-

Brooke: (responds)

Jenny: Well why don;t we walk over to the kitchen and see what interesting items you’ve brought to share with us!
=====================> walk over to kitchen counter.

Jenny: (Question)

Brooke: (responds)

Jenny: (question)

Brooke: (responds)

Jenny: Thankyou Brooke I think that this is a wonderful movement that your doing, and it really keeps kids healthy and in shape! but right now I’m about to join James back at the desk because I know he’s getting a little lonely and hungry over there(I promised him a snack)…[Camera 2] let’s take a look at what’s coming up later on the Vibe.

[Rap Teaser]
===========> Come back to desk

James: Thanks for my snack Jenny, but you know me I’m not a big fan of vegetables!

Jenny: Oh! James you heard Brooke! It’s all about being healthy and in shape!

James: yea yea I guesssss…Besides that I got a question for you, now I always see you with headphones in your ears. What kind of music gets your booty shaking?

Jenny: Gets my booty shaking? Your funny! Well I like to “shake my booty” to Pop, R&b or Rap music.

James: well speakingggg of Rap music I got a story for you, When I was a small child living in Toronto, my brother happened to be best friends witha boy with the middle name…Drake.

Jenny: What! I don’t believe you!

James: Oh yea? Check this out. (shows picture of Drake to Jenny, and then to the camera)
Jenny: Oh my gosh! You knew one of the hottest rappers of this generation!!!!

James: Haha alright Jenny enough enough we still got a show to do here! Let’s watch this next peice we have for you on another rapper, rather unusual one trying to make it big in Toronto.

[F Leo PKG.]

James: Isn’t that very neat to see someone who is so passionate about rapping but yet at the same time they work as a banker as well! Instead of crunching numbers in his head he’s crunching lyrics.

Jenny: Yeah I know right? The story really inspired me.

James: Oh yeah it definetly inspired me too…however I don’t quite see myself following suit.

Jenny: Definetly agree on that one, rapping is NOT for you james. BUT there are other forms of rapping too! There’s also freestyle rapping!

James: oh yea yea I’ve heard of freestyle rapping before, I think I’ve watched one or two rap battles in the past

Jenny: Well here’s another one for you to watch, check out this peice on the underground freestyle scene.

[Underground Freestyling PKG]

Jenny: Wasn’t that interesting to watch?

James: yeah it really was…you know I kinda liked the beats there…

Jenny: Well hey how about we make our own Rap song, better yet lets use “Your boy” Drake’s beat and rap over it.

James: ok ok lets do it!
[Stands and starts Rapping]

Jenny: Thanks for watching guys, I’m your host Jennifer Dibu-Caiole

James: and I’m James Gallo thankyou for watching us and be sure to join us next week on the Vibe!

Jenny: See ya!
[As JIB passes by, me and James continue to talk and laugh about our rap song]