Show 3 Script

Show Intro
#1: Hey everyone welcome to the final show of The Vibe. I’m .
#2: And I’m _
_. This has definitely been an interesting ride.
#1: I know what you mean! We’ve covered a bunch of interesting stories from concussions in hockey to the mysterious Wiccan lifestyle.
#2: And fear not we have an interesting mix of stories for you today. Starting with Marijuana.
#1: Marijuana?
#2: Marijuana. It’s the one of the most popular drugs among Canadian students, its only second to underage drinking. Toronto is home to of the largest cannabis industries in Canada, head shops, seed shops smoke shops— And did I mention its illegal. The Vibes James Gallo took a closer look at this popular sub-culture.
Toronto’s Cannabis Culture Package.
#1: It’s funny how something that’s illegal can function as a legal retail business. Talk about ironic. And it makes you think what other kind of conspicuous businesses are out there.
#2: You know what else I wonder about sometimes?
#1: No what?
#2: Racehorses. Or more specifically ex-racehorses. I wonder what happens to them when they can’t race anymore. I mean I know there’s a not so pleasant fate for them. But it would be nice to think that racers have options for their companions.
#1: Interesting that you should say that. Our own RJ McCullough took a look at the Long Run Thoroughbred Retirement Society to see how they help rehabilitate retired and injured racehorses for a new lease on life.
Long Run Package.
#2: It’s good to know that there are people out there who dedicate themselves to a cause like this.
#1: Someone else who is dedicated to an important cause is our in studio guest, Ilene Sova who paints portrait of missing women. Check out her Bio.
Missing Toronto Women Artwork Bio.
Melissa: Now lets head over to Andrew who’s…Andrew? What are you doing over there?
Andrew: Sorry I was just practicing my swing. Actually A more efficient way to improve your game would be through a state of the art Virtual Golf Lab. Victoria Poirier will show you what it’s all about and how it exactly works.
Golf Lab Package
Melissa: Wow that was really fascinating. Who knew that you can strip something like golf right down to a science.
Andrew: Yeah and it sure is a hell of a lot more beneficial than swinging madly in the air in the corner of our studio. But enough of that,lets go on to the last story of today’s show.
Melissa: Well it’s more like a talented group of people than a story. We went behind the scenes with Sheridan College’s very own choir. Who are actually here in the studio to give you a first hand look at what they can do.
Andrew: But first check this out.
Sheridan Choir Package.
Melissa: Here with us is the choir who are about to sing one of the songs they’ve been practicing ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬__.
Andrew: Take it away guys!
Choir Sings
Andrew: Thank you that was awesome! But that’s the end of our show! It’s been quite an experience
Melissa: And an amazing journey. How about the choir sings us off?
Andrew: That’s a great idea! What do you think?
Choir: Yeah!
Melissa: Alright then take it away!
Choir sings