2-Sytycd Outline

Outline – SYTYCD Canada

Focus: Alisha Lucchese auditioned this season for ‘So You Think You Can Dance Canada’.

What to Film:
- Dancing
- Teaching
- Home Videos (young and older)
- Dancing Friends
- Close ups of her feet while dancing
- Her teacher teaching the class she is in
- Costumes
- Medals
- Audition pictures from SYTYCD Canada website

Shooting Dates:
- Monday February 14th 2011: Joanne Chapman School of Dance in Brampton (dancing)
- Tuesday February 15th 2011: Alisha’s house (home videos, costumes, medals)
- Wednesday February 16th 2011: Joanne Chapman School of Dance in Bolton (teaching)

People to Film:
- Alisha Lucchese
- Dancing partner
- Dance group
- The boy she teaches (Matthew)